By Dillon Thomas

DENVER (CBS4)– Hundreds rallied and marched through the streets of Denver on Saturday night, dedicated to finding justice and unity for all people… no matter their race, gender, nationality or religion. The crowds made their way from Manual High School to downtown Denver.

(credit: CBS)

Many carried signs that read, “Justice For Elijah McClain,” “Ideas Are Bulletproof” and Black Lives Matter.”

The Rise Up Rally, organized by 10for10, is scheduled for 5 p.m. The group of Black young men says they unite communities and Black men through community service.

On Saturday, they called for an end to injustices commonly associated with minority communities across the United States.

While people of all nationalities, races, genders and religions were welcome and allowed to speak, the goal of the event was to encourage young Coloradans to engage in community dialogue.

“Our goal today is to bring people of color together during these hard times,” said Tariq Hatchett-Young. “We wanted to be able to create an opportunity where everyone can come together and their voice can be heard.”

(credit: CBS)

Members of Colorado’s Native American community opened the event with prayers and dances, and were also given the opportunities to speak about injustices their community has experienced before.

“(This event is) a cultural mix,” Hatchett-Young said.

While the death of Aurora’s Elijah McClain was the inspiration behind the rally, 10for10 founder Peter Lubembela told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas there was a larger movement.

“We are talking about immigration rights, we are talking about women’s rights, we are talking about the education system, we are talking about Black lives matter, we are talking about the mass incarceration system,” Lubembela said. “Because, we understand at the end of the day, in order to create a new system, it is going to take the people coming together.”

Those at the event peacefully marched through Denver to further spread their message.

“Being community with people from different communities is so essential for our growth,” Lubembela said. “You don’t have to leave Denver to get that diversity, you can get diversity at these rallies.”

The same group marched in Aurora on Friday to demand justice for Elijah McClain. Hundreds of people rallied at the community memorial for the 23-year-old who died after a confrontation with Aurora police last year.

(credit: CBS)

On Friday, they marched to the Aurora Police Department’s District 1 Police Station in response to the death of Elijah McClain and recent disciplinary action against four police officers involved in an inappropriate photo.

Dillon Thomas

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