AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman is calling protesters who blocked access to a police department overnight a “siege.” On Twitter, Coffman applauded the interim chief of police for skillfully freeing the facility and keeping protesters safe.

On Friday, hundreds of people rallied at the community memorial for Elijah McClain after the announcement that three Aurora police officers and had been fired and one resigned over a photo scandal that showed them mocking the chokehold officers had the 23-year-old in last year.

(courtesy: Aurora Police)

The protesters marched to Aurora Police District 1 where they demanded that the other two officers involved in the confrontation with Elijah before his death, also be fired. The vowed to remain in place until that happened.

(credit: CBS)

One of those officers, Jason Rosenblatt, was directly involved in the incident before the death of McClain last August.

Coffman also called out two Aurora City Council members who participated in the march for Justice for Elijah. One responded.

(credit: CBS)

“It was community members engaging in an uprising. But a peaceful uprising to call for justice that has been too long delayed,” said Aurora City Council Member Alison Coombs. Community members know that I’m standing with them in calling for justice for Elijah McClain, in calling for racial justice in our community.”

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  1. Jay Alenby says:

    It’s time for someone to stand up to these losers.

  2. John says:

    Mayor Mike Coffman is a coward that is afraid of his constituency and is a poster boy for white fragility. Please, somebody, find Mike Coffman’s spine so he can stand up.

    1. Coffman’s constituency elected him to a four-year term eight months ago.

  3. “Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman is calling protesters who blocked access to a police department overnight a “siege.”[sic]” — I doubt it; you just can’t distinguish different parts of speech. The action might be likened to a siege (which shouldn’t be rendered in quotation marks) and the protesters to besiegers, but it makes no sense to compare an action with people.

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