By Chris Spears

DENVER (CBS4) – This year’s Fourth of July holiday weekend will feature some cool things happening in the night sky. And while most people in Colorado should have a decent chance to see the celestial show, there is a chance for some late night cloud cover in areas that see evening thunderstorms, such as on the eastern plains.

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One thing to look for this weekend is the Full Buck Moon posing with the two largest planets in our solar system. They’ll be in close proximity all weekend but by Sunday night Jupiter and Saturn will ‘top’ the moon. Jupiter will appear very bright on the upper right while Saturn will be dimmer on the upper left. The three will form a triangle in the sky.

(credit: NASA)

Another thing to look for will be an eclipse of the moon, which can only happen when the moon is full and there is an alignment of the Earth, sun and moon in space, with Earth being in the middle. This allows Earth’s shadow to fall on the moon which makes the eclipse.

The July 4th eclipse is a penumbral eclipse which is very subtle and hard to see compared to a total or partial eclipse. In the penumbral eclipse only the more diffuse outer shadow of Earth, called the umbra, will fall on the face of the moon.

(credit: Eve Klein

In Denver the eclipse will begin just after 9 p.m. and it will end right before midnight. It will reach a peak around 10:30 pm with the upper left part of the moon in Earth’s shadow. Click here to see more from

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