DENVER (CBS4) — The Denver Police Department is facing a new lawsuit related to officers’ actions during the George Floyd death protests. The class action lawsuit is seeking damages on behalf of all protesters over “alleged wrongful curfew arrests and unconstitutional assaults the Denver Police made on peaceful protesters and following the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.”

The class action suit charges that police used “constitutionally unlawful crowd control tactics, including kettling, indiscriminate and unwarned launching of tear gas and flashbangs into crowds and at individuals, and shooting projectiles at protesters.”

The lawsuit claims officers put protesters in danger and used intimidation to stop them from exercising their First Amendment rights. The suit also charges that the May 30 to June 4 curfew was unconstitutional.

Denver officers arrested more than 300 protesters for curfew violations over the course of several days, both those charges were later dropped.


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  1. WS Boyle says:

    There is the source of funds for the damage done. If the win any monitory award deduct the cost of cleanup and the funds required to repair any damages.

  2. White lives matter says:

    Time to get out of this pathetic state.

    1. WS Boyle says:

      It is not people of Colorado that are pathetic it is the politicians and the ignorant minority groups that are pathetic. What did the state do to George Floyd and what can the state do to get justice for George Floyd. The act that they used to start their terror and destruction did not occur here. George is getting justice the policemen (as pitiful as they are) are sitting in jail waiting for the people of Minnesota to here their excuses for their actions, reject those excuses, and sentence they to whatever the state of Minnesota allows. At no time does Denver or Colorado enter into the equation other than to having to put up with the ignorant and pathetic destructive minority.

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