(CBS4) – Law agencies around the state are teaming up with the Colorado Department of Transportation for the Fourth of July DUI enforcement campaign. It starts Thursday and runs through Monday.

The Colorado State Patrol as well as 72 departments will increase patrols to target impaired drivers.

“The Fourth of July is a moment when, together, we celebrate our country. While everyone is eager to get out and celebrate over the holiday weekend –especially this year — we have a duty to keep ourselves and each other safe at the same time,” said CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew in a news release.

“We tend to see more impaired driving around summer holidays like the one coming up, and this year it is imperative that we all do our part to end that dangerous trend. The simple things we do to stay safe–wearing masks, social distancing, or getting a sober ride–are the fine margin between a fun holiday and a preventable disaster.”

“Summer holidays are a reason to celebrate safely and responsibly,” Col. Matthew Packard, chief of CSP said in the release. “Planning a sober ride home beforehand ensures that you won’t endanger yourself or others on the road. Law enforcement will always be on the road, so remember to drive sober or not at all.”

CDOT also has a new campaign, “Take Some Time,” encourage the use of smartphone breathalyzers as a way to prevent drunk driving. The campaign’s aim is to educate people about how long it takes for BAC to drop to zero after drinking alcohol.

Colorado has 215 deaths on the roads so far in 2020. 66, or 31 percent, of them have involved an impaired driver. Last year officers made 311 DUI arrests during the Fourth of July enforcement period.


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