DENVER (CBS4)– Sen. Cory Gardner is preparing to take on former Gov. John Hickenlooper for the Senate seat this November. Colorado’s Senate race is one of the most closely watched in the nation as Republicans work to keep the seat so as not to lose the majority.

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Gardner, the incumbent and Republican, said he wanted to highlight his record of success and everything he’s done for the people of Colorado. He appeared on CBS4 This Morning with CBS4’s Alan Gionet to talk about the primary election results and what that means for the general election in the fall.

“Becoming the third most bipartisan member of the Senate, bringing home to Colorado the Space Command to Colorado, the Bureau of Land Management in Grand Junction, passing the most significant conservation bill in the last 50 years out of the Senate,” said Gardner.

Gardner talked about the ethics violations against Hickenlooper, something he has already highlighted in an ad before the primary even happened.

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“I don’t think that anybody can take pride in the fact that they are the first person to be held in contempt for violating our state Constitution by the state’s Ethics Commission,” said Gardner. ‘He has a lot to answer for, he could start by disclosing the 91 other charges that were brought up before the Ethics Commission but were not heard because of the statute of limitations. Beyond that, he needs to be transparent and tell the truth.”

When asked about the big topics of concern for Coloradans this election, coronavirus, unemployment and the economy, Gardner spotlighted his accomplishments.

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“People in Colorado deserve leadership. That’s what we’ve provided for six years and will continue to. That’s why I fought hard to make sure we had COVID-19 tests, hundreds of thousands from South Korea, working with Gov. Polis to accomplish that,” said Gardner. “It’s why I continue to work with people from both sides of the aisle to deliver real accomplishments, meaningful accomplishments for our approach to testing and tracing and treating in this pandemic. That’s why I’m going to continue to work to get this state economically back on track and this country to be creating jobs again. My opponents in the primary talked about how much they wanted to increase taxes, increase regulations, how they wanted to fire 250,000 people in oil and gas that are working in direct or indirect jobs and positions. That’s not a recipe to get our country and our state back on its feet.”

During the interview, Gardner failed to address his relationship with Pres. Donald Trump or how it might impact his re-election chances this November.

  1. b4 integrity says:

    Cory Gardner is one of trump’s henchmen, for this reason alone Gardner does not merit re-election.

    trump is before the Supreme Court right now, asking the SC to repeal and abolish the Affordable Care Act (ACA aka Obamacare). To deprive tens of millions of Americans of health care coverage in the midst of a pandemic is unthinkable and unconscionable. Gardner supports trump in abolishing the ACA.

    Gardner refused to convict trump of abusing his power as President in extorting Ukraine to aid trump by smearing Biden; and refused to convict trump of obstructing Congress when trump absolutely stonewalled Congress in the most egregious acts of obstruction by a President ever.
    If trump had been convicted and removed (as he should have been) and Pence had been President instead of trump, it is likely that tens of thousands of Americans would have lived, and not died as they have from trump’s negligence and delay in failing to respond to the coronavirus threat in January or February when it mattered most.

    We have to remove trump supporter Cory Gardner from the US Senate!
    Vote for John Hickenlooper to be Colorado’s next US Senator!

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