By Dillon Thomas

WELD COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – An ill horse has been euthanized, and its owner cited, after photos went viral of the animal appearing to be neglected. The Weld County Sheriff’s Office cited John Thomas with a class 1 misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty after state and independent veterinarians said the horse had a case of “founder.”

Founder among domesticated horses is caused by neglect. Joseph Moylan of the Weld County Sheriff’s Office told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas veterinarians believe the horse’s hooves had not been attended to in at least a year, possibly even two.

(credit: Zuma’s Rescue Ranch)

The lack of attention given to the hooves caused them to grow too large for the horse, which eventually made walking painful. The horse stopped walking to eat and drink, which caused it to lose weight and have medical issues.

Thomas was cited and the horse was euthanized on Tuesday morning.

Dillon Thomas

  1. mojohorse says:

    This POS & obviously ”law enforcement” …just don’t get it, CLUELESS to what if feels like to be starved & insurmountable pain with founder/laminitis!!!
    VET’s just WTH! A misdemeanor??? FELONY – JAIL!

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