DENVER (CBS4)– The City of Denver has removed the sign from Columbus Park. It’s the latest in a series of statue and plaque removals in the city.

(credit: CBS)

The park near 38th and Navajo Street is named after Christopher Columbus. There has been a campaign to change it to La Raza Park which is what many people who live in the neighborhood already call it.

La Raza is Spanish for “the community.” The City of Denver said there are no immediate plans to replace the sign.

Naming things after Christopher Columbus has become controversial in Colorado with many claiming a man who treated Native Americans so poorly doesn’t deserve to be honored.

(credit: CBS)

Last week, at least a dozen people tied a rope around a statue that honors Christopher Columbus in Denver’s Civic Center Park overnight and pulled it down.

An image of the statue knocked down outside the Colorado State Capitol on June 25, 2020.

(credit: CBS)

And a Civil War statue in front of the capitol was toppled and damaged.

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  1. Roger Ogden says:

    “La Raza” is Spanish for “The Race”, not community or “The People”. Are you guys stupid or what? Don’t you even know how to use a dictionary? The “La Raza” racial concept was developed by the most prominent, pro-Nazi propagandist in Mexico, as well all all of Latin America, Jose Vasconcelos. Go to this link for more information:

  2. WS Boyle says:

    I find all of these statue and sign removals as racists acts. The city government is bowing down and giving in to small but vocal minorities. I will only give in to them after the statue of Martin Luther King is removed from city park and th Martin Luther King Boulevard is renamed to its original numbered avenue. They want to remove and rename statues and places named for white people then they should be prepared to give up the statues and places that are for minority people.

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