By Ashton Altieri

 DENVER (CBS4) – A warming trend that started over the weekend will continue on Monday with highs in the 90s along the entire Front Range. Triple-digit heat will be common the Eastern Plains.

Denver officially reached 92 degrees on Saturday, 93 degrees on Sunday, and Monday should be at least a coupe degrees warmer than Sunday. However, while temperatures will be very toasty across the eastern half of the state, the Western Slope will not be as warm as it was over the weekend.

(source: CBS)

The somewhat “cooler” weather on the Western Slope Monday is due to a summer cold front that will reach the Denver metro area late Monday night.

(source: CBS)

As a result of the front, temperatures will be 10-15 degrees cooler on the Front Range Tuesday and 100s will disappear from the eastern region of the state.

(source: CBS)

It will also be breezy at times on Monday with southwesterly winds gusting up to 35 mph at times. The wind combined with the warm temperatures and low relative humidity will elevate the fire danger in parts of the state including on the Western Slope, parts of the Eastern Plains, and most of southern Colorado south of Colorado Springs.

(source: CBS)

A warming trend will start again Wednesday and continue through the holiday weekend with temperatures reaching back up to around 90 degrees. Most of the state will stay dry through Thursday before moisture on Friday means a better chance for showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. Even higher chances could develop for the 4th of July on Saturday.

Ashton Altieri


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