DENVER (CBS4)– People lined up outside Denver Motor Vehicle locations as the offices reopened on Monday after being closed for months due to coronavirus. The long lines are a result of the limited capacity inside the buildings for safety.

(credit: CBS)

In Denver, drivers arrived at the DMV and waited in line to check in. After checking in, those people then had to wait again until receiving a text message that they were allowed to come inside.

“They had a line going around, not just the building, but the recreation center down the block just to take people’s phone numbers to even check them in,” said William Hendley, who came to register his car and get license plates.

The offices are only allowing a maximum of five people inside at a time, in addition to DMV staff.

There are extra security measures in place to protect both customers and staff:

  • Glass dividers at all customer-facing windows
  • Physical distancing cues to help customers observe social distancing
  • Increased cleaning frequency for high traffic areas
  • Hand sanitizer for staff and clients, face masks for all staff and for clients who forget their mask, and other protective measures

All of the precautions mean increased waiting times at the DMV. Some people who arrived at 8 a.m. were still waiting at noon to get their license plates or registration.

(credit: CBS)

“It’s frustrating but at least they’re open so that I can get this taken care of, so I’m OK waiting,” said Jude Richter.

Dropboxes are also being installed at all DMV locations in Denver. Those with completed paperwork who are paying by check can place their information into the dropbox and staff will process and send the updated registration in 3-4 days.

The City is providing a grace period for expired registrations through July 31. The Denver Police Department and Denver Right of Way Enforcement will not issue citations for expired tags during this time.

“If you are someone whose tags expired in March or April, we would like to serve those individuals first,” said Julie Smith, Communications Director for the City and County of Denver. “Department of Finance If your tags expired in May or June, we would ask you give us a couple of weeks to get through that backlog of individuals first.”


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