By Michael Abeyta

YUMA, Colo. (CBS4)– This is National Pollinator Week which celebrates bees, birds and butterflies. One farmer in Colorado is dedicating his land to protect those pollinators.

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There is a 7 acre field just north of Yuma that may just look like a bunch of weeds, but it is actually the result of a lot of hard work by Nathan Weathers.

“We’re pretty excited about how it turned out,” said Weathers.

If you look a little closer though, you’ll see the real treasure.

“You’ll definitely see some bees. You’ll definitely see some butterflies.”

This is a pollinator plot.

It’s one of three fields Weathers has dedicated to mostly native plants with a sole purpose of attracting pollinators, “We’re pretty excited about the different pollinators it’s brought in.”

Pollinators like bees and butterflies are important because 75% of the 1,400 crop plants grown depend on pollination. So, no food for pollinators means no food for humans.

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That’s why Weathers is sacrificing some land help out, “And give those pollinators a place where they can come and thrive so we can have them for the future.”

Even though he’s an experienced farmer he has learned a lot along the way.

“It is a lot harder to reestablish some of these native species than you think.”

Anyone can build their own pollinator plot in their garden or yard if they know what plants to grow. Weathers got help from the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

He has some advice for anyone hoping to replicate his pollinator plot, “Just be careful where you put it because if you do have a couple species in there that like to attract bees… you will have bees.”

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While there are a lot of pollinator plots along the Front Range, the Weathers family is one of the few families doing it on the Eastern Plains where it’s really needed, so they hope that others will follow their lead. If you want to create your own pollinator plot, you can visit the NRCS website for more details.

LINK: Monarch Butterflies | Honey Bees

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