BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – Eric Roza, a Colorado man, will be the new owner of Crossfit, taking control after founder Greg Glassman said he will sell the national company. Glassman faced a backlash for comments he made after the death of George Floyd.

Roza already owned CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder. In a post on Twitter, Roza describes himself as the incoming CEO and owner of the company.

He writes he discovered CrossFit 10 years ago and it has changed his life, saying he is honored to have the opportunity to lead CrossFit through its next chapter.

“In the past weeks, divisive statements and allegations have left many members of our community struggling to reconcile our transformative experiences in the local box with what we’ve been reading online,” Roza wrote.

“My view is simple: Racism and sexism are abhorrent and will not be tolerated in CrossFit. We have our arms open to everyone, and I will be working hard to rebuild bridges with those whose trust we have lost.”

That same CrossFit Twitter page also has a comment attributed to Glassman saying “I have compete faith that Eric Roza … can shepherd CrossFit effectively into this new world.”

Forbes reports the CrossFit company generates $4 billion in revenue annually.

According to his LinkedIn page, Roza is a graduate of the Stand University Graduate School of Business and the University of Michigan. It also shows he was a member of the team that built Datalogix, a consumer data collection startup, that was sold to Oracle in 2015 and worked on the Oracle Data Cloud.

He co-founded CrossFit Sanitas eight years ago.


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