By Michael Spencer

(CBS4) – Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic tested positive for the coronavirus, a source confirmed to CBS4 on Tuesday. Jokic, who is currently in Serbia, has had his return to the United States temporarily delayed.

Nikola Jokic at the Pepsi Center on Dec. 15, 2019

Nikola Jokic at the Pepsi Center on Dec. 15, 2019 (credit: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

He is expected to be back in Denver within a week. ESPN reports Jokic has been asymptomatic.

The NBA is set to resume play in Orlando on July 30, so his positive diagnosis should not interfere with those plans.

Head Coach Michael Malone recently told CBS4’s Michael Spencer during Xfinity Monday Live that he tested positive for the coronavirus during the league’s hiatus.

Denver Nuggets Head Coach Michael Malone joined Xfinity Monday Live. (credit: CBS)

“I hope going to Orlando (for the resumption of the NBA season) will be a safe environment and we can limit the amount of people who get it. I like to say that I got coronavirus and I kicked its butt,” he said.

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Michael Spencer

  1. WS Boyle says:

    He can expect to be in Denver all he wants but I doubt that the Dumpster Trumpster’s SS troops at the border will allow him back in the USA.
    What brilliant mind at Nugget Headquarters told The Joker “sure go to Serbia, Get exposed to COVID-19, test positive, nothing bad will happen”. Just that the Nuggets playoff hopes have gone up in a blockade at the airport.

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