By Mekialaya White

DENVER (CBS4) – Normally around this time of year, crowds of people would be packing downtown Denver with colorful banners and attire, putting their pride on display. For thousands who celebrate, mid-June marks PrideFest weekend.

This year, organizers were faced with a unique turn of events.

(credit: Denver Pride)

“Because of COVID-19 and social distancing orders, I’m celebrating on my couch,” the Center on Colfax CEO Rex Fuller told CBS4’s Mekialaya White during a Zoom interview Sunday morning. “Usually I’d be down at the parade route or down at Civic Center Park where it’s really hot running around like a crazy person.”

Fuller says 2020 is a special year, however. The theme of Pridefest is “Together We Rise,” which is something that’s proving to be especially pertinent right now.

“As part of the parade, we are absolutely in sync with Black Lives Matter and calling for reform of the police to reduce violence,” he explained. “This year is an important celebration because of the recent Supreme Court ruling striking down employment discrimination.”

These elements are making for a potent and emotional Pride.

(credit: Denver Pride)

“I think that if there’s anything we’ve learned is the LGBTQ community is extremely resilient,” said Fuller.

He also hopes the festivities help empower people, while giving them a community to lean on.

“I just read a story yesterday about a man who came out in his 90s. It’s never too late to come out. You have the right to be who you are and you should celebrate who you are and be proud, no matter what form that takes.”

Pride continues through Sunday evening. To join in virtually, click here:

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