DENVER (CBS4)– The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment found a huge fraud operation worth more than $34 million. The department was able to stop checks from going out to many of the 5,600 fraudulent requests.

(credit: CBS)

“We recognized that of the roughly 5,600 people whose claims have been stopped, we have a high degree of confidence that those have been stopped, there may be some individuals that may be missed but we appropriately stopped the vast majority of those claims,” said Unemployment Insurance Division Director Jeff Fitzgerald.

Many of those requests for assistance came from out of state and those using stolen identities.

The department says that despite the downward trend in unemployment, requests for benefits continue to surge.

  1. I have called the UI CO Hotline multiple times since this issue has came to light in the media and press to no avail!

    I have several press statements and news articles that feature the CO UI Director Mr. Fitzgerald publicly saying that he has nearly 100% confidence that the flagged accounts were fraudulent – “.. However – there is a possibility that a minority amount of accounts are LEGIT claims and we will be looking into that in the coming days…” – it’s been over 4 Weeks since this Story aired and I have had No Callbacks, No Emails, No USPS Mail, No phone calls, Nothing….about this issue or what I need to do next to resolve this and recover the self employed PUA benifits I deserve.

    Recent Story w/Mr. FITZGERALD –*1sp7kvm*_ga*dmRQY0xVTklNYjNrVlo5ZnVYczBsZFVQblNUZ09LVk9JS3BNU2VPMHdSQkFnNGJtOUltNGRGSE82N1luVWV1TQ..

    If I am one of the Legitimate “Minority” cases that CO Unemployment Director Fitzgerald admitted to having possibly lumped into the Other 5600 “Crooks” as the news anchor negligently stated – who do I contact at the NEWS STATION and the State UI Office for help and clarification? Because the PUA CO UI Website has limited, vaguely written information in their FAQ section.


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