By Rick Sallinger

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– Some parents and students in the Aurora Public School District rallied on Friday to make sure the district hears their message: they want full-day, in-person school as an option when classes resume this fall.

(credit: CBS)

The Aurora Public Schools have created a “recovery plan” that has been presented to the school board. It offers several alternatives for the fall school year, but some parents have started a “back to the classroom” movement.

As cars lined up outside Vista Peak Preparatory High School for the Aurora Public Schools free lunches, a plea was made, “Could you please support us going back to school in the fall?” a student asked one of those in line.

Parents cite multiple reasons for wanting to send their children back to school, including more social interaction and educational support.

“My kid does not do well with the environment that he was put into with the virtual learning,” said parent Renae Adams.

Another parent, Christy Landwehr said, “Academics, emotional support for our children, and social interaction for our children I think is very important right now.

“I don’t like it at all. There’s too many holes in it and not enough communication to get educated,” said student Sean Landwehr.

(credit: CBS)

Football player Justin Leadens was optimistic, “We are trying to remain hopeful that we are going to have a season come fall.”

Aurora Public Schools is considering several scenarios including back to the classroom or a combination program in school some days, online others.

Health experts say that full classrooms mean the possibility of an increased exposure to coronavirus.

Aurora Public Schools issued a statement to CBS4 which reads, “The health and safety of our students, staff and community always comes first.”

It continued, “We are in constant communication with Tri-County Health Department to ensure that our planning for the 2020-2021 school year complies with updated health guidelines.”

No decision has been made yet on which of the alternative plans to adopt.

Rick Sallinger

  1. Mary says:


    Parents do NOT “SITE” (by definition, either a location or website) multiple reasons for wanting to send their children back to school – they CITE (one definition: to mention in support, proof, or confirmation) THEM.

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