FALCON, Colo. (CBS4) — A veteran seriously injured in the line of duty was denied service in Colorado for not wearing a mask. But retired Master Sgt. Israel Del Toro says he physically can’t.

Del Toro tried to walk into a branch of the ENT Credit Union in Falcon. But without a mask, he was turned away and told to use the drive through.

Del Toro can’t use the drive thru because he lost his fingers in an explosion in Afghanistan.

(credit: CBS)

And he can’t wear a mask because he also lost his ears. He also has a medical condition that can make it hard to breathe.

(credit: CBS)

“I felt, almost defeated. Because I can’t believe this is really happening. Do people not have common sense anymore?” Del Toro said.

The credit union has apologized to Del Toro, saying the staff at that branch failed to use good judgement.

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  1. Dr Helena Okekai says:

    As a military doc, I actually understand this virus. The USA has 4% of global population but 35% of deaths and infections! We’re so far behind we’re looking at a potential for millions to die…we’re at 140,000 deaths now! 41 states who reopened have spikes in new infections, have run out of ICU beds and ventilators. Many countries haven’t had a single infection in 4 weeks and now fill large stadiums for sports.
    We hit an all time high of 77,000 new infections in USA for 24 hours.

    I deal in data. You each have one anecdote w/o research parameters. This virus is NOT going away until we get a vaccine! Smallpox was killing 1/3 of ppl for 3,000 years until a vaccine! Polio kept killing 10 yrs after initial pandemic!

    Listen to public health doctors. This is a horrible virus, not Donald Trump “sniffles.”

    1. Dr Helena Okekai says:

      BTW, DelToro should have worn a mask over mouth and nose. Lung specialists say it’s VERY rare that ppl can’t wear a mask. If they are unable to wear a mask, they MUST stay at home! If Del Toro has the virus he can infect 12 to 18 ppl each time he leaves home.

      I work here in Hawai’i with pts w Hansen’s Disease, leprosy. They don’t have fingers, or a nose or ears. They wear three layers of cloth wrapped around mouth and nasal openings and tied in back of head.

      And NO you can’t sue against public health rules. It’s like saying you don’t need to wear condoms if you have AIDS! Most ppl spread this virus BEFORE having symptoms.

      In the military we work with our brothers in arms. Don’t be an uneducated selfish person! Wear a damn mask! Or go volunteer at any ER and watch RNs, docs, and respiratory therapists get sick and die!

  2. Jeremiah Howe says:

    He doesn’t need a mask Marvin. Masks are a false sense of security. I work on top of 450 other employees where we are a 24/7 operation and in direct contact with health care workers mostly. Haven’t worn a single piece of PPE not a day 1! Guess who doesn’t even have the sniffles? 99.999% of us. People who are otherwise healthy do not need to do any of this nonsense. I am a veteran as well, with PTSD from being trapped in a Humvee that was blown up and on fire. I have severe claustrophobic issues therefore I have a disability. I refuse to wear face coverings and when I get challenged on it I tell them just that.

  3. Joed says:

    Sue them and win. And immediately bank elsewhere. Masks didn’t save anybody in 1918 but since no one learns history or anything else except how to facebook/tweet seems 95% of population is ignorant of this fact.

  4. Tim Cool says:

    I think I would be taking my banking business elsewhere.

  5. Marvin Banks says:

    I have designed a mask that this VET could probably manage. Contact me and I will supply him one for FREE! I am a VET also and would really like to get the mask to him.

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