By Dago Cordova

DENVER – The Pueblo South Colts will represent Colorado in the first National High School Helmet tournament on Twitter.

I started Colorado’s tournament on May 16 with about 200 schools going to head-to-head in a bracket tournament. Other than a handful of pictures I received from asking on Twitter and through coworkers, I looked up most helmet pics online and posted Twitter polls almost every day.

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Votes started with a few dozen on each polls and ended with 795 votes on the championship poll on June 8 Pueblo South beat the Steamboat Springs Sailors by a 63.3% to 36.7% vote.

Pueblo South Football tweeted about their win saying in part “We look forward to displaying Pueblo’s Pride as we represent Colorado at a national level.”

I didn’t get every Colorado high school team on this tournament though and once it took off, I heard from some coaches on Twitter.

Riverdale Ridge Ravens Coach Voorhees asked me on Twitter if his team’s helmet got overlooked. I told him it didn’t and that this tournament will run again next year. His school will be in it then. (Email me with your school’s helmet if you want to be a part of it!)

(credit: CBS)

Voorhees answered in part “I understand…I appreciate you running this. Makes it fun for kids especially during this time.”

(credit: CBS)

Roosevelt High School Coach Lane Wasinger also reached out saying “I know we are late to the party but by the time I saw the tournament it had already started. We feel like our helmet is one of the best!”

Pueblo South will automatically be a part of the national high school helmet tournament. Four other Colorado high schools have a chance to make it as an “at-large” team: The Steamboat Sailors, Mountain Vista Golden Eagles, Prospect Ridge Miners and ThunderRidge Grizzlies.

The “at-large” post starts Thursday.

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The Pueblo South Colts will go against Oregon’s high school helmet winner this weekend.
Follow me on Twitter where I’ll be posting the polls and lets get Colorado on the winning end of the national tournament!

Dago Cordova