By CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida

(CBS4) – The World Health Organization is supposed to be the leader in guiding the worldwide response to COVID-19. Instead, at times, it seems WHO is the leading the world in causing confusion about COVID-19.

The latest is a statement from a WHO representative who said the spread of COVID by people without symptoms is “very rare.” Which means, all of the guidelines about masks, physical distancing and shutdowns must be a waste a time.

Yet the WHO quickly backpedaled, saying the remark was based on 2 to 3 studies, and not really what was meant.

Not good. Especially when you look at the CDC’s recommendations, which are based on more than two dozen studies which estimate the potential spread of the virus from people without symptoms at about 35%. Meaning, these people look good, feel good, and never get sick. That’s a lot of disease spreading people out there.

Back to WHO, who did not recommend the use of masks by the public until LAST WEEK. That doesn’t make sense either, and simply makes all the COVID information we are bombarded with all the more confusing.

The WHO then backpedaled even further, saying it meant asymptomatic people as compared to “pre-symptomatic” people.

So what’s the difference between asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic?

Asymptomatic means have the virus and never get symptoms. “Pre-symptomatic” means the people who have the virus, but don’t get sick until 4-5 days later. Yet they, too, can still spread the virus before illness.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter. I don’t know if anyone wants to be around either group. I know I don’t.

Which takes us to the most important question in light of all this: what should we be doing here in Colorado?

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Physical Distancing

Good hygiene

As Gov. Jared Polis reminds us, cases look to be stabilizing here in Colorado, but the worst thing we can do is let our guard down. We have been gradually, but successfully, reopening. We need to continue our precautions so we don’t boomerang and go in the negative direction many other states are now going.

Dr. Dave Hnida

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  1. Yes, the CDC’s recommendations and leadership are exceptional; the U.S. has the most deaths from COVID-19 and many more cases than countries following the WHO’s recommendations — masks work!

  2. Paul Frawner says:

    Wonder why Trump wants to DEFUND them….

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