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DENVER (CBS4) –  Online schools are seeing an increase in attendance as the coronavirus pandemic leaves uncertainty over the 2020-2021 school year. Colorado Connections Academy, a K-12, fully accredited online school has seen a spike in interest.

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State leaders believe students will be able to return to school campuses later this summer.

Since the onset of coronavirus in the U.S., Colorado Connections Academy schools have seen a 12% increase in interest from parents wanting to learn more about online school with the Connections program as compared to last year.

“There’s a lot of families who are asking to come to us because they’re unsure,” said Chaille Hymes, Executive Director of Colorado Connections Academy.

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Tuition to the school is free, and any student in Colorado is eligible to attend. Not only is there more interest from students, but teachers. Colorado Connections Academy has seen applications for teaching jobs triple as compared to last year.

Hymes says leaders of brick and mortar schools have also been reaching out to get advice on online learning.

“I’ve received a lot more respect for what I do just from my peers, and understanding just how difficult it really is. I think a lot of my peers just thought I sat behind a computer all day and made phone calls, but it really is more in depth,” Hymes told CBS4’s Dominic Garcia.

(credit: Colorado Connections Academy)

Alena Shatteen is a student at Colorado Connections Academy and says it’s the perfect fit for her.

“Just the flexibility of it, going at your own pace you know,” Shatteen told CBS4.

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