DENVER (CBS4)– Police stood on the corner near Civic Center Park along Colfax Avenue early last Saturday morning motioning the driver to move on. The driver yelled back at officers to hold their fire.

“There’s a pregnant woman in the car!” he shouted.

Video of the incident was captured by YouTube vlogger “Ghost Writer.”

(credit: YouTube/Ghost Writer)

The driver got back in and drove off as the barrage continued. That driver was Shaiitarrio Brown. He said he and his pregnant fiancée were working, finishing a food delivery while at the corner of Lincoln and Colfax.

Brown told CBS4’s Rick Sallinger, “I was yelling at them, asking, ‘Why are you shooting at innocent people, a car with a pregnant woman in it?’”

His wife was taken to Denver Health with a broken hand and other injuries.

After seeing this video Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen filed a complaint asking for an internal affairs investigation. The couple hired attorney Scott Melin who says the City of Denver should settle now or face a lawsuit later.

(credit: YouTube/Ghost Writer)

“This incident was absolutely not an appropriate use of force and especially such a high level of force.”

Brown said his fiancée was struck because her window was open, “My fiancée was trying to roll up the window. Pepper balls were going everywhere.”

Even nearly a week later the effect of the pepper could be felt in his car. Indentations remain visible where the impact occurred.

(credit: CBS)

“I was terrified of the police before this and now I’m terrified even more now,” said Brown.

A mark on his face will serve as a reminder of that night.

Rick Sallinger

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