(CBS4)– We are in for a wild ride this weekend in the weather department. From extreme heat and fire danger, to flooding concerns and severe weather-we could see it all.

Let’s start with our flooding concerns. Very heave rain will start late on Friday night, sticking with us through Saturday morning and early afternoon. This goes from the southwestern to northwestern corners, along with parts of the high country. Thanks to that heavy rain, southwestern Colorado will be under Flash Flood Watch from late Friday night through Saturday afternoon.

Not only could we get heavy rain, we could also see severe storms from the high country to the eastern plains, including the Denver area. Hail and wind will be the biggest threats from these storms. If you start to see the sky turn dark gray, make sure to get inside in case a storm pops and turns severe.

The good news about all of this wet weather, is that it will clear out very quickly and everything should wrap up in the evening for almost everyone. Some storms could continue later in the evening for the eastern plains.

Now, we won’t only be dealing with wet weather and storms. We have a lot of wind and fire danger to contend with.

Red Flag Warnings will be in place for the southeast and eastern plains on Saturday and Sunday.

Gusts could top between 60 to 70 mph in these areas. Add in temperatures in the 90s and 100s, conditions are ripe for fire. Please be very careful! One spark can do a lot of damage very quickly.

Not only is there a Red Flag Warning, we also have a High Wind Warning on Saturday. Basically, the wind will be wicked on Saturday and Sunday.

We still stay hot on Sunday, but relief is in sight. Monday we drop to the 80s, and then the 70s on Tuesday.