(CBS4)- Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller took to Twitter late Wednesday night with his thoughts on racism, police brutality and the current protests going on throughout the country. Miller’s thread started out with saying that he recognizes it is his responsibility to use his platform to bring awareness to the unjustified murders and injustices that “all Black people have endured in America.”

Miller specifically wants people to understand that he supports the protests across the country, but also says that “the value of our lives can’t be relegated to a moment in time.” Miller is calling for changes to be implemented “across the board in order to dismantle systemic racism.”

Miller then calls for those who consider themselves allies to the movement to have “tough conversations” with their family and friends in order to help deconstruct bigotry in the country. He ended his statements with saying that “Black Lives Matter. Black men’s lives matter. Black women’s lives matter. All lives can’t matter if they don’t.”


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