By Ryan Mayer

(CBS4)- Colorado Rockies infielder/outfielder Ian Desmond took to Instagram on Wednesday to discuss his experiences with racism in his life. The 34-year-old shared a series of messages on his story to outline how he has felt going through life as a person of mixed ethnicity.

Desmond said that he doesn’t like anger or sadness and does his best to suppress those, and all emotions, to be consistent everyday. He says that he has tried to forget the “wrong doings” and create positive memories. But, from there, he began to lay out several instances of racism he has experienced throughout his life, at the hands of police, teammates and others transcribed below:

“Half black, half white, but never really enough of either. I was “Oreo” in high school. Kids on my team who chant white power before every game. I’ve been pulled over for going 71 in a 70. ‘If you don’t let me search your vehicle, I’m going to give you a ticket.’ Easy to say what you woulda done. I was a kid. I’ve heard ‘You’re Not Black’ so many times. It’s almost the norm.

When you come to my house and say ‘What do you do? You must be an athlete.’ I hear ‘Your black there’s no way you could afford this house.’ Happened twice last week. I don’t know my uncles because they didn’t approve of my mom being with a black man. Couldn’t point them out in a lineup. All that to say, when you can’t say ‘Black Lives Matter’ to me, you’re saying my life doesn’t matter. That’s what I hear and I can’t change that.”

The Colorado Rockies tweeted out a video compilation of Desmond’s messages captioning it with ‘We’re with you Desi. #BlackLivesMatter’


Ryan Mayer

  1. kereys says:

    Black Lives Matter! So please quit killing each other.

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