By Dominic Garcia

DENVER (CBS4) – Wednesday night’s virtual town hall with Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen started by honoring the memory of George Floyd.

“Before we begin it’s important to say his name and to take a moment of silence for  Mr. George Floyd,” said Pazen.

(credit: CBS)

Next to Pazen was community activist Neil Yarbrough, who fielded questions from Facebook. One asked about the use of tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters. He said officers have to be held accountable, as should he. Pazen also said what happened would be reviewed internally and independently.

“We certainly don’t want to negatively impact peaceful protesters. We must focus on the individuals who are causing harm to the people of Denver and individuals who are causing harm to our community,” said Pazen.

(credit: CBS)

Another question surrounded what happened to George Floyd, and if the chief would require observing officers to intervene when fellow officers use unnecessary force.

“We need to make sure that doesn’t happen here, that there is a duty to intervene. We’ve seen the horrific, tragic loss of life that can happen when officers don’t intervene in these unnecessary uses of force,” said Pazen.

(credit: CBS)

He said he plans to hold more town halls like this one and said if people have additional questions or concerns they can email

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Dominic Garcia


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