DENVER (CBS4) – Once again, protesters were on the move on Tuesday, but the question was, would a calmer mood prevail? Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen marched with them the night before. It may have helped set a tone.

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“I attribute this to the young leaders who are part of this protest who said ‘No more. No more violence,'” Pazen told CBS4’s Rick Sallinger.

But not all who have organized the demonstrations gave a thumbs up.

Tay Anderson, a community activist and Denver school board member, said, “I do not approve of the chief marching and then turning around, then being able to have officers teargas and shoot our protesters.”

(credit: CBS)

Since last Thursday, after night falls, the demonstrations have typically turned violent. Monday night was different.

It came after George Floyd’s family begged “stop the violence.” Terrance Floyd, George Floyd’s brother said, “do this peacefully… please.”

Unlike the previous nights police seemed to give the protesters a wider birth and did not move in with chemical dispersants until much later.

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“I think it’s a step, but when you look at what’s been going on for so long there’s more. We’re demanding a lot from them,” said Therese Gardner, a protester.

Pazen said he understands calls for investigations of police handling of the demonstrators.

“This is all about accountability and we must hold ourselves to that.”

Rick Sallinger

  1. Chief Pazen needs to take responsibility for the outrageous conduct of his department, which isn’t enforcing the curfew so much as arbitrarily harassing certain people out on the street during it and randomly shooting at the people they’re supposed to be stopping and quizzing to find out whether they have a valid reason to be out with pepper projectiles. Besides committing criminal assaults instead of curfew enforcement, DPD is failing miserably to protect property from vandalism — even the State Capitol, already subjected to graffitit and in a central location where it can easily be monitored by just a handful of police.

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