DENVER (CBS4) – Denver police announced Police Chief Paul Pazen ordered an Internal Affairs investigation into a social media post purportedly by a Denver police officer. The Instagram post has since been taken down.

An image purportedly posted by a Denver police officer shows three officers dressed in riot gear with a caption that states “Let’s start a riot.” (credit: CBS)

A picture, posted by a now-deleted account, shows three apparent police officers posing in riot gear. The caption on the post read “Let’s start a riot.”

It was posted on Sunday, the fourth day which protests turned violent after nightfall.

Denver police stated on social media, “All investigations are closely monitored by the Office of the Independent Monitor.”

  1. Belle says:

    I’m hearing that the officers in question have been reassigned away from the protests while the investigation is underway. But it should go without saying that reassignment and brushing it under the rug is not enough (it’s exactly the kind of thing that is being protested!): these officers need to either undergo some serious sensitivity training and education, or be removed from the force entirely.

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