DENVER (CBS4) – Perhaps the most disturbing image during Thursday’s protest in Denver over the police killing of George Floyd happened on a street outside Colorado’s capitol when a driver plowed intentionally into a man who had briefly gotten onto the hood and knocked him to the ground, nearly running him over.

Violence during the Denver protest over the police killing of George Floyd

(credit: CBS)

It happened on Broadway at the intersection with Colfax Avenue. In video of the incident, the black SUV is trying to drive down Broadway but is hindered by a small assembled group of people in the street. One person refuses to budge and tries to face down the car, and another person gets on the hood then quickly jumps off. As the man is taking a few steps back towards the group, the SUV turns back towards the man and plows into him.

Violence during the Denver protest over the police killing of George Floyd

(credit: CBS)

The man falls forward and lands awkwardly on the ground but somehow avoids getting his legs run over. He didn’t appear to have serious injuries.

Members of the crowd then run at the SUV but it turns again and speeds off down Broadway.

Police said they are looking for the person who got hit by the car as well as the driver. Anyone with information that could possibly be helpful to police in their investigation is asked to call 720.913.STOP.

UPDATE: After the publication of this story, CBS4 interviewed the protester about his perspective on what happened. Read reporter Kati Weis’ full story.

For complete coverage of the protests in Minneapolis over the police killing of George Floyd visit and stream CBSN Minnesota.

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  1. lumpyprol says:

    When I’m blue and kinda down I just watch this and I feel a hundred percent better:))

  2. Ben F says:

    Bunch of race baiting thugs in the media… the article doesn’t touch on the violance of the protestors, secondly why were they in the street! Denver PD lost control. Just ridicioulous, if these leftist facists violate my property like they have in MN, I can promise they will be leaving empty handed – may be no handed.

  3. Kim says:

    And the Gov is disappointed in the driver running over the protester. No mention the protester was on the hood of the car. Typical liberal omitting facts!

  4. Kim says:

    He got less than deserved. If someone jumps on the hood of your car, you don’t know if they are going to attempt access inside and what they will do. What happened in Minnesota is unjust and the cop should be jailed and tried. People are using it as an excuse for their own bad behavior.

  5. Jay Alenby says:

    Too bad the tire missed his head. These protesters need to be eradicated from society.

    1. Nacho Bizness says:

      Spoken like a typical lunatic trump humper. Good God,..

  6. Jack Clancy says:

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

    Too bad he got off with no injuries.

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