DENVER (CBS4) — People dressed as the Grim Reaper gathered outside the Capitol in Denver on Tuesday to protest the reopening of Colorado’s businesses and the end of the moratorium on evictions. The group is predicting an upswing is cases of the coronavirus and more related deaths as a result.

(credit: CBS)

Protesters held signs that read “Evict everyone now” and “Protect our jobs.”

“Honestly, I’m pretty psyched,” organizers stated in a parody news release attributed to “Death.”

“You know, I love seeing businesses reopen while a pandemic is still in full swing,” the statement continues. “Usually this time of year can be kind of slow for me, but right now business is booming. It’s really great to see people finally looking out for the skeletal guy. Thanks Governor Polis!”

The group criticized what they called “the utter lack of government intervention to prevent mass homelessness and preventable deaths due to COVID-19.”

“As restaurants and bars prepare to set their tables and welcome the thirsty and hungry, the reapers are sharpening their scythes, salivating at the multitude rushing to infect themselves,” organizers stated.

(credit: CBS)

Organizers argue that allowing eviction enforcement and reopening businesses will force people to leave their homes to go to work, potentially exposing them to COVID-19.

On Tuesday, Gov. Jared Polis said courts will begin considering eviction orders in June, but noted “they certainly have other priorities.”

“There are probably some folks that have been delinquent for some time that can be evicted,” Polis stated. “I would envision a slow return to normalcy is, I think, the approach the courts will take.”

  1. A says:

    These protestors, or paid actors rather, consisted of a whole 12 people! Wow, sounds like quite the protest. Glad to see you guys pushing the controlled opposition narrative. Wonder who paid off these actors. Obviously, they aren’t business owners – probably trust-fund kids you grabbed out of a liberal arts class and paid a handsome sum to set up a fake protest.

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