GENESSEE, Colo. (CBS4) – Anything is possible when it comes to weather in Colorado. This Memorial Day, some saw snow.

“I love it,” said Terri Benedetto.

Terri Benedetto (credit: CBS)

She is from Corpus Christi, Texas where they don’t get much snow. Even though she’s enjoying it she admits this storm took her by surprise.

“You know I keep an eye on the weather, but I missed this one,” she said.

She’s on the way to Texas for a Memorial Day cookout, and she decided to stop and bring back a little Rocky Mountain spring surprise for her friends.

(credit: CBS)

“Most of those people down there have never even seen snow,” she said. “I just packed me a cooler to take back with me. I’m going to a barbeque tomorrow in Corpus, and we are going to have a snowball fight.”

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(credit: CBS)

Down in Frisco it’s just another spring storm and maybe the last one we will see for a few months, but Terri probably wouldn’t mind another.

“It’s alright because where I’m going, it’s been summer for a long time.”

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