DENVER (CBS4) – The Colorado Convention Center is closer to being operational as an alternative care site. Gov. Jared Polis signed an Executive Order allowing the operation of alternate care sites in Colorado.

A nurse’s station under construction at the Colorado Convention Center. (credit: CBS)

Starting June 5, the convention center will be available for patients who no longer need in-patient hospital care.

The Ranch in Loveland has also been prepared for use for patients who need low-level care while recovering from COVID-19.

The alternate care sites will only be used if hospitals get overwhelmed. There are still concerns about that happening if we get a big second wave of cases but right now, with only about a third of the ventilators in Colorado in use, the need is not there.

The Alternative Care Site at the Colorado Convention Center (credit: Colorado Emergency Management)

“In the event that a COVID-19 infection surge threatens to overwhelm our healthcare resources, the State may activate alternate care sites (ACS) to increase hospitals’ capacity to provide care to COVID-19 patients. The ACSs will be used to provide care to COVID-19 patients who no longer require inpatient hospitalization but still require some medical care and observation to ensure their safety and well-being while recovering from COVID-19,” the Executive Order reads.

Colorado Convention Center (credit: Colorado Emergency Management)

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