RIFLE, Colo. (CBS4)– A hearing for the owner of Shooters Grill, a restaurant that opened for dine-in service earlier this month and violated a cease and desist order, will continue next Tuesday.

(credit: CBS News)

Lauren Boebert attended her hearing via video. Shooters opened despite a cease and desist order. The Garfield County Health Department suspended the restaurant’s license on Friday.

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Boebert said she needed to open to avoid shutting their doors forever.

(credit: CBS)

Boebert is running to unseat fellow Republican Rep. Scott Tipton in this year’s election.

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  1. Kimm Wilson says:

    Amazing that a self-made, Successful Woman ” High school Dropout” is not being Praised by the Feminist ” loving, inclusive” Leftists. The Hypocrisy is easily explained. They are Frauds. Miss Lauren Boebert should praised for her drive and success, sans HS diploma. She is deserving of more respect than many BA University Graduates who would rather riot, play victim or earn a modest living as a paid Professional protester, crying for the end of the USA.

    As for her “attitude”; more business owners should do the same as an act of protest. The closures are Unconstitutional and the result on an unelected UN health Act adapted for the purpose of destroying the middle class, empowering multinational corporations and as a COVID excuse to start the surveillance police state. Covid lockdowns have created mass 3rd world starvation, the destruction of lives and are not required. We are killing people to save them from Coivd.

    Naturally, her “attitude” about protesting and keeping her business open is FAR more dangerous and grievous that a “Covid super spreader” Democratic Antfa or BLM Street “protest”..Whats a few assaulted and murdered Conservatives, or burning, looting riots, compared to providing jobs to a few hard working people at a restaurant.

  2. porschesmom says:

    WE may need less lawyers in Washington, but a HS dropout with an attitude problem?

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