AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) — Kelvin Watson has been charged with attempted first-degree murder after a shooting at a Waffle House in Aurora. Employees say Watson came back one day after being told he had to wear a face mask — and shot the cook.

Kelvin Watson (credit: Aurora Police)

The shooting happened last Thursday night at the Waffle House on Mississippi Avenue west of Interstate 225.

According to the arrest affidavit, employees told Watson he needed to have a mask on or they could not take his order. A waitress said Watson left and returned with a mask — but he was not wearing it. She said Watson was told again to wear the mask and he told them to just give him the food. She said he pulled out a small silver semi-auto handgun and placed it on the counter, but did not point it at anyone.

She said Watson told the cook, “I can blow your brains out right now.”

The waitress said Watson was with another man who told him to calm down and apologized for his behavior. The waitress said Watson is at the restaurant every couple days and has never acted like this before. She told police she suspected he was “high.”

Watson reportedly returned the next night. The cook said he told Watson he was not going to serve him and that he needed to leave the restaurant. Watson reportedly became very upset and slapped the cook across the face with an opened left hand, cutting his lip. The cook said he ran to the back of the restaurant and Watson followed him.

Once outside, the cook said Watson made numerous statements to the effect of “You better shut the **** up and serve me.”

That’s when Watson shot him, the cook said. The cook ran towards his house while he called 911.

Employees say Watson got in a car and left. He was tracked down by APD later.

The cook was rushed to the hospital and is now recovering at home.

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  1. obbop says:

    In total agreement with the sage comments of the others posting here. feral, barbaric actions are so extremely common with that cohort. America’s Bane.

  2. geoh777 says:

    Another psychopath emerges. It apparently was the mask requirement that was the trigger.

  3. Dana Goldstein says:

    He was just jogging its not his fault!!

  4. James Rogers says:

    Black at it again.

    1. Mary Lynn Taylor says:

      You racist nobodies need to stop before I pull up all the horrible, disgusting pedos, registered sex offenders, serial killers, and no good men.

    2. Derek Anderson says:

      James is a racist with no AVI smh dummy

  5. Joe Bloe says:

    Typical…..what do you expect from these things….

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