By Shaun Boyd

DENVER (CBS4)– One week before the state legislature reconvenes, state House Republicans are warning against budget cuts that hurt seniors and kids. They gathered for a news conference outside the state Capitol Monday.

The state faces a $3.3 billion budget shortfall. House Republicans say they will fight to stop cuts to education and the senior homestead tax exemption. They also want to increase the business personal property tax exemption, decrease red tape, and incentivize rather than punish businesses as they reopen.

House Minority Leader Patrick Neville says it’s a carrot versus stick approach, “I think the approach thus far has been, follow these orders or else, or else huge fines or jail. If we did something else instead, like follow these guidelines from the health experts and if you follow these guidelines you would be immune from frivolous lawsuits. And I think if you did that most businesses would go above and beyond those guidelines so they don’t get sued.”

House Republicans are also calling for a cap on unemployment insurance premiums for businesses. Budget analysts say the state’s unemployment insurance trust fund will run out of money in the next month.

Shaun Boyd


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