FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – A couple in Fort Collins may have reached the point of having entirely too much time on their hands while staying safer at home. Mike Peters built a tiny picnic table for the squirrels in his backyard.

(credit: CBS)

And his wife Sandy recorded proof the squirrels are actually using the table, sharing video of one of the animals scurrying on the table to get one of the peanuts the humans left for them.

It seems the squirrels eat half and then “squirrel” away the other half for later. The Peters say there seem to be four adults and three babies using the furniture.

Mike told CBS4’s Kathy Walsh during the pandemic they are doing anything for entertainment.

She asked if he would a tiny umbrella to make some shade for the animals.

He laughed but didn’t entirely rule out the idea.

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  1. Dorothy S says:

    You left out a word in your next to last sentence:

    “She asked if he would a tiny umbrella . . . “

  2. Benny says:

    squirrels are proof

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