By Jacqueline Quynh

DENVER (CBS4) – People who have recovered from COVID-19 may be help save others from the disease by donating their plasma.

(credit; CBS)

Grifols is a global healthcare company that runs several blood plasma donation centers throughout Colorado and in the US. It is working with the FDA to develop a medicine with hyper immune globulins.

“So there’s many ways that plasma from recovered people can be used and what we’re doing is we are taking donor plasma and making medicine out of it,” said Vlasta Hakes, Grifols Corporate Affairs Director. “So we’re concentrating their protein we’re taking those antibodies and making it very specific to COVID-19.”

(credit; CBS)

Essentially the company wants to create a kind of serum containing antibodies. The medicine is similar to a kind that the company developed to treat the Ebola virus, this type of medicine would than be delivered intravenously to quickly enter the blood stream.

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“It could also be used if someone hasn’t had a vaccine and then they could the medicine. The goal is to have a vaccine and other companies are working on that. Our medicine, the goal is to be used in specific cases , and to be used prior to a vaccine,” Hakes said.

Donors will need to have documentation they tested positive for COVID-19, and need to wait 28 days before becoming eligible; compensation is available.  For more information on how you may be able to help click here.


Jacqueline Quynh