DENVER (CBS4) – Now that the federal government’s social distancing guidelines have expired, Frontier Airlines is offering a new option for people who want a little more personal space. For an extra $39, the airline will make sure the seat next to you is empty.

Kirby Hairgrove of Lakewood took this photo of a Frontier Airlines plane at Denver International Airport. (File photo)

“Frontier Airlines passengers can now reserve a ‘More Room’ seat assignment – with a confirmed empty middle seat next to them,” airline officials announced Monday.

Frontier officials say its an option for travelers who want “an empty seat next to them for extra peace of mind or simply additional comfort.”

“The bottom line is you don’t have to have anything more than that to be safe on Frontier, we just recognize that some people want a little more comfort and convenience,” Frontier CEO Barry Biffle told CBS4.

Flights departing May 8 through Aug. 31 will have 18 “More Room” seats available for passengers to choose from.

Last week, the TSA said they were only seeing about 5% of the number travelers that passed through airport security at this time last year.

Frontier will begin requiring that passengers wear a face covering over their nose and mouth at the airline’s ticket counters, gate areas and onboard Frontier aircraft, effective May 8. Very young children, for whom a face covering is inadvisable, will be exempt from the policy. Face coverings have been required for Frontier flight crews since April 13.

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In addition to the face covering requirement, in April Frontier implemented a program that requires passengers to accept a health acknowledgement prior to completing check-in via the company’s website or mobile app. Passengers are required to certify that:

  • Neither they nor anyone in their household has exhibited Covid-19 related symptoms in the last 14 days
  • They will check their temperature before heading to the airport and not travel if they have a fever
  • They will wash their hands/sanitize before boarding the flight
  • Information on the airline’s face covering policy will be added to the health acknowledgement

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Comments (35)
  1. Dash says:

    Masks are completely useless, it’ll be a long time before I step foot in DIA again. Stupid is as stupid does. Kung-flu hoax strikes again….

  2. craig eliot says:

    That’s really going to help. So instead of sitting six inches from someone you’ll be sitting fourteen inches. Good luck!

  3. Christopher Atkins Ness says:

    Frontier Airlines had already gone from America’s best airline to the worst. This is a great idea but done by the wrong airline. Frontier’s fallen ridership might given you that empty middle seat or free anyway. If they keep [defecating] on the customers like they have for the last 10 years or so, you might have two seats free in your row.

  4. Jack Carter says:

    So, since I’d basically be paying for two seats, I’d do this: Sit in the middle seat, without a mask, occasionally cough, complain of a fever and offer to move seats if the passenger next to you pays $80.

    You get two seats, social distance and make a few bucks. /s

  5. darla dimmons says:

    if the m0therfvkking airline executive wh00res took a paycut, they can fly half capacity. they want to keep sucking on the teat and fvkk over the worker. fvkk these whooores

  6. Douglas Gray says:

    The cost of airline tickets will need to go up. We will have to pay extra for more space and less density. That will be the new reality, like it or not. Airlines cannot survive with half empty planes, with existing prices.

    1. Sam says:

      All over the USA citizens have gone to jail or been fined for violating Wuhan virus protocols.
      Some families have racked up $12,000 in fines for being families.
      The airlines should be forced to do the same if we’re to accept this Plandemic as genuine.
      I say fine the airlines thousands for each violation. They need to remove the seats that are closer than 6 ft. Everyone who has been to grocery store or Walmart knows you get yelled at by corona nazis for being within 6 ft. Those planes were much too crowded already.

  7. Troy says:

    I knew it it was Frontier Airlines before I even saw the headline. Bad move Frontier

  8. Kurt M says:

    So…. who is paying the $39, the person on the left or the person to the right?

  9. jack says:

    This airline will be one of the first to go under – good riddance!!!!

  10. Ralf Dude says:

    This is another reason why I will drive ten hours than fly: nickels and dimes. One free bag has made people carry everything on board. It sucks. Now for health reasons, are you willing to pay extra to an airline to stay that way? Like the baggage fee, bet you have to stand in line to pay it so it is not reflected in the price of the ticket. Let the airlines die and add extra lanes to the interstate.

    1. sonny books says:

      Hey Ralf Dude, you are a little harsh on the airline that once gave me a fresh barf bag and a free bag of pretzels after I found a roach in my first bag. Passengers beside and in front of me were give complimentary wet paper napkins to wipe away the projectile vomit. I may have ruined the toupee of the guy in front of me. Undigested broccoli and beef tips did not match the color of the wig very closely. I will not go into the details of my lower GI track problems. Needless to say the skys were not too friendly.

  11. I’d do that in a second.

  12. Standup Broad says:

    …and THAT solves the problem of being forced to sit next to “so fat they need to buy TWO seats”. YAY.

  13. bobdog says:

    I’ll guarantee my seat will be empty. And it won’t cost you a dime.

  14. Don says:

    Reason number 854 why Frontier is the worst money grubbing airline in the world.

  15. beeble says:

    this solves Fletch’s concern about someone sitting next to him! He’s in Bridgework and has all these foldouts…

  16. Marc McCune says:

    umm…who pays? the window seat or the aisle seat? I guess when booking a ticket you can ask if the middle seat has already been blocked by the other row mate. sheesh

  17. herb says:

    The FAA should demand the immedioate removal of all center seats.

  18. William Gardner says:

    Okay, I will let the guy next to the window pay it though.

  19. slmcav says:

    This airline is gonna see some backlash. For $39, you can be safer??

  20. Joel Goodman says:


  21. buffaloe says:

    Airlines can KMA!

  22. Philster7656 says:

    Forget about Coronavirus, $39 is a bargain for having the middle seat empty.

  23. Frequent Flyer says:

    So, if you have the aisle seat, but the person in window seat already paid to have the middle seat empty, will they tell you so you don’t pay an extra $39 for the same empty seat? Don’t bet on it.

  24. Oveida Sinclair says:

    The airlines are going to go broke not selling that center seat, if the planes are not 90% full then they’re losing money. Figure 2 seats empty per row, that’s a lot of empty seats, I can tell the airlines where they can stick their $39 too, they need to issue face masks and require that the passengers wear them while onboard, along with their flight attendants.

  25. ricardoqueso says:

    If that is the case, that they can afford to displace a paying person for $39, then no real passenger tickets should cost more than $39, either.

    1. Steve says:

      I don’t think that’s the case. I think that right now, there are so many planes flying at 20% -50% full, that they are basically trying to make money on their empty seats. I would imagine, they will only offer this on flights that are less than half full. Right now, even if you don’t pay the $39, you can probably find a seat with no one next to you.

  26. Steve says:

    Ridiculous! Trump has abdicated his responsibility and now we have to pay companies to protect us.

    1. Yo Mama says:

      Oh, you’re so dumb. Your comment is what’s ridiculous. What are you, a moron?

    2. Oveida Sinclair says:

      I suppose Trump should be micro managing every little thing going on, if that was the case the man wouldn’t sleep. Also South West Airlines stopped selling the middle seat on their 737 fleet, you think Trump should have said something about that too, you’re an idiot.

    3. Yirmin says:

      I think you might want to invest in taking a class on Constitutional law, Trump can’t do much. The true job of the President is really just acting as a manager who’s biggest job is the annual budget. Sure he can veto a bill, appoint judges and what not but he doesn’t create laws or regulations, at best he can issue an executive order which is then normally called into question by some democrat and pushed through the courts.

    4. Yirmin says:

      The biggest problem is Frontier trying to sell an empty seat, which is what they are doing.

      No the biggest problem is the assumption by Frontier than a passenger that is feeling bad or has a sick person in their house is going to tell the truth and miss a flight and have to eat the price of a ticket rather than just lie and fly sick.

  27. Jake Harddesy says:

    Half the time the ticket itself doesn’t cost $39 with Frontier.

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