DENVER (CBS) – The National MS Society had planned to hold its Walk MS fundraiser in Denver on Saturday, May 2nd. Denver’s Walk draws about 8,000 people and raises $1 million.

“It’s a powerful way for us to come together and rally around MS and for a cure ultimately and to stop MS,” said Robyn Moore, President of the Colorado/Wyoming Chapter of the National MS Society.

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(credit: CBS)

Coronavirus disrupted that plan, so now the organization is holding a Virtual Walk MS.

“So virtual, of course, means that we will not have an in person walk at City Park. We won’t have 8,000 people together, but we hope to have nearly that many people online,” Moore explained.

North Star Rehabilitation and Care Community is among the more than 500 organizations that put together a team for Walk MS. The facility specialize in multiple sclerosis care and have 22 residents who have MS and walk with their family and friends.

“They really look forward to being out in the community and interacting to other people with MS,” said DeeDrya Barker, the activities director at North Star Rehabilitation and Care Community.

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Barker set up a green screen in the facility, and inspired residents to dream up the place they’d most like to do the walk, then she took a picture of the resident in front of their chosen background. Karen Mason, who usually, does the walk with her family, is “walking” in space this year.

(credit DeeDrya Barker)

“We’ve had some fun ones. We have some space ones, and Eiffel Tower. I had one last night that he’s at a Snoop Dogg concert,” Barker explained.

While vulnerable MS patients shelter, those who can get out will be joining together on social media to show their support.

“I have my 5K route planned, and I will do my 5K route right at 9 a.m. when we would have been kicking off the walk in Denver,” Moore said.

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Barker will be posting the pictures of the residents, and everyone is encouraged to post their “walk” pictures with the hashtag WalkMS. Also, you can join in on a Facebook live on the Walk MS page at 10 a.m.