DENVER (CBS4)– Hundreds of people rallied at the state Capitol on Friday, demanding a full reopening of Colorado as the state transitions from stay-at-home to safer-at-home. The protest was peaceful as the demonstrators say the closures hurt their family and businesses.

(credit: CBS)

Organizers indicated they understand the gravity of the pandemic but feel their jobs, businesses and families are more important right now.

“I think we have been lied to about the virus. I don’t think we should sacrifice our economy for the numbers we are seeing,” said protester Mike Mullens.

(credit: CBS)

They waved flags and carried signs to “Free Colorado” and other signs that read “Open up our country and our state.”

One man said he was a retired Denver health care worker. He was clearly on the other side of the street, “Civil liberties mean nothing if you are dead if you have the coronavirus.”

Police wore protection, but this demonstration was peaceful and loud.

(credit: CBS)

“Funny thing about people like you, you talk about privilege… you’re so privileged,” one protester shouted at a counter protester.

Rick Sallinger

  1. Michael Corn says:

    People of all ages are dying of this disease with no vaccine. A 71 year old in my extended family died before an ambulance was able to arrive. One day he was the picture of health, the next day he was dead. The number of deaths from this pandemic exceeds the number of deaths we lost in the worthless war in Vietnam. Stay at home and do not put the risk of the dying on the elderly, where 50 percent of the deaths occur, in this me, me, society.

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