By Mekialaya White

DENVER (CBS4) – DoubleTree Hilton is directly helping those on the front lines during the COVID19 pandemic by making sure they have lunches during busy work shifts.

The company partnered with their “superheroes” at Kaiser Permanente, distributing 115 meals in the span of two days. DoubleTree Hilton Denver and Aurora General Manager Kirby Kiner told CBS4’s Mekialaya White it began as a desire to give back, the company was surprised by how it panned out.

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“I was a little hesitant as to whether they would accept (the lunches), but I was just honored that they would accept our offer and welcome us in to help during these very difficult times, just to do this little bit to help them,” said Kiner.

Tuesday and Wednesday, boxed lunches were delivered to those working in tents conducting COVID19 testing. Staff members greeted workers with signs and a big round of applause.

“Wonderful ladies and gentlemen are risking their lives every day for us to keep communities safe. A big belief of ours on a higher-up level as well as a local level is to take care of the community, the local community that takes care of you,” Kiner said. “They do it with their basic instincts and without consideration for their own health and their own well-being… The least we can do is just thank them.”

Kiner says DoubleTree plans to continue giving to these workers. To connect with them, contact Kathleen Neubauer at or call 303-368-3468.

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Mekialaya White


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