DENVER (CBS4) – Demonstrators gathered in their vehicles in Denver to call on government officials to cancel rent and mortgages during the coronavirus pandemic. The protesters remained in their cars to maintain social distancing.

(credit: CBS)

It was part of a National Day of Car Protests on Saturday. In addition to canceling rent, goals included using vacant housing to provide housing for those who don’t have a home or health care workers who don’t want to endanger their own families, and to release ICE detainees and vulnerable inmates.

(credit: CBS)

Protesters called for more medical staffing and supplies in jails and prisons.

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  1. Jim Kelly says:

    Let’s just cancel protesters and call it a day. Nothing but troublemakers.

  2. Randy Fi says:

    i agree can cancel all rent

  3. Jay Alenby says:

    Everyone wants a freebie, Let’s just give everyone a million dollars and call it a day.

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