By Dillon Thomas

DENVER (CBS4) – A growing number of Coloradans are planning to protest outside the state Capitol on Sunday, to call on Gov. Jared Polis to reconsider his stay-at-home order. Some of those participating in the “ReOpen Colorado” rally say the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been an overreaction.

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“We are just seeing the beginning of the economic cascade, that I think is going to ripple through for months. The damage has been done,” said Steven Peck, a Colorado resident who plans to participate in the event. “(Many have a) fear not about the virus. But, of their economic standing.”

Peck expressed concerns with government officials shutting down most of the economy for a virus which, in his opinion, doesn’t threaten a significant majority of Coloradans with death.

Out of nearly 6 million residents in Colorado, nearly 400 have died since COVID-19 was first reported in the state.

“I’m not minimizing any one of those deaths. Statistically, that is an extremely small threat,” Peck said. “So, what you see happening here is a non-partisan issue bubbling up very organically. Coloradans are saying, with a collective voice, they are concerned with some of the policies they are seeing.”

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Unlike conspiracy theorists, Peck said many of those attending the rally believe COVID-19 is a health threat. However, he said he felt Colorado lawmakers could do more to proportionately save jobs and lives.

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“I think everybody realizes there is a legitimate public health risk here. The question is, do the state’s policies match the statistical threat. I would contend they don’t,” Peck told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas.

A similar rally took place recently in Michigan, where hundreds of participants circled the state capitol.

Those participating in the rally in Colorado, scheduled for Sunday at 1 p.m., are asked to remain in their cars throughout the event. Participants are asked to protest by decorating their cars, honking their horns, and making signs. Peck said social distancing is still encouraged among participants.

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Peck hoped the event would get the attention of those in state, and local, office. He said the governor should consider finding new rules that allow Coloradans to return to a lifestyle which they don’t feel their financial livelihood is threatened.

“I’m asking for some proportionality. A blanket stay-at-home order is not what we need. It is killing us, it is killing jobs,” Peck said.

About The Colorado Stay-At-Home Order

Colorado’s stay-at-home order amid the coronavirus outbreak went into effect on the morning of March 26 and it is currently set to expire on April 26.

Dillon Thomas

Comments (4)
  1. kim says:

    The numbers are staying lower due to the action taken with the stay at home put in place…. I get that its a financial strain, but its a strain for everyone…. I DO NOT agree with what they are trying to stand for…. Mine and My Children’s health means more to me than any business.
    I’m grateful for the safety measures. They need to realize that this has been for their safety as well… Everything will happen all in time there has to be a drop in numbers to start slowly re-opening businesses, but if people continue to not take it serious then it’s going to continue….

  2. Carole Naro says:

    The Southern & Western/Southern Counties shouldn’t be subjected to the restrictions imposed basically on other Counties with larger populations & cases. I believe the restrictions for the Southern Counties who have less population should have these restrictions lifted.

  3. Glenda Erskin says:

    But if this is done too early expect more deaths. I do NOT stand with these people.

  4. Scott Thompson says:

    I’m generally moderate, but it’s time, and these small business owners are correct. If we don’t allow them to open again we’ll be left with nothing but Walmart and Target when this is over. We can’t continue to live in fear. Be careful. Take the virus seriously, but it’s time to open the world again. I stand with these people.

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