(CBS4) – A 72-year-old man with coronavirus is now in a hospital in Colorado — after being airlifted from Peru. The company Jet Rescue flew the man to the Centennial Airport on Saturday and he was taken to University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora.

(credit: Jet Rescue)

The man, who is a U.S. citizen, contracted coronavirus while on vacation in Peru with his wife and could not get home on a regular airline. The Jet Rescue plane was outfitted with biohazard gear to keep the virus from spreading.

“This is a very serious case due to several reasons: the patient is at a high-risk age group, he was at a very high elevation which takes a toll on the cardiovascular system, and while the local medical team did its best, they have limited resources. All these factors can adversely affect the outcome of any illness, especially Covid-19 which is difficult to treat even in an advanced US hospital,” said Dr. Victor Cervantes Medical Director of Jet Rescue.

“Jet Rescue Air-Ambulance is one of very few aeromedical transport companies in the USA, and the only company in the Caribbean, Mexico and Latin-America, that is capable of flying patients with COVID-19 to medical safety of their home countries,” said Carlos Salinas, founder and CEO of Jet Rescue Air-Ambulance Company.

(credit: Jet Rescue)

“Transporting a patient with a suspected or known biohazard condition, requires special expertise and equipment,”  Salinas added. “Each flight is staffed with a critical care doctor and specially trained paramedic who monitor the patient’s vital signs and any respiratory distress. The aircraft is also equipped with the Hamilton T-1 respirator, which is considered the gold standard of portable mechanical ventilation.”

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