By Ben Warwick

DENVER (CBS4) – Front-line health care workers at HealthONE facilities will see Pandemic Pay Continuation as the company moves to protect their workers’ financial security during the coronavirus pandemic.

Patient care workers who have been instructed to quarantine will see 100% of their base pay for scheduled hours. Those who do not work in a patient care facility and are quarantined will be eligible for short-term disability.

Sky Ridge Medical Center (credit: CBS)

Managers will work to redeploy health care workers who work in clinical facilities and support areas so those providers can keep working. Those who cannot be redeployed will receive 70% of their base pay for up to seven weeks.

For those workers caring for COVID-19 patients who do not want to expose their family, HealthONE is working to provide free housing at major hotel chains. Scrub laundry will also be made available to help prevent the carrying of germs on clothing.

Options for child and elder care are in place as well, and workers can get grants for financial needs, emotional support and counseling services.
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Ben Warwick

  1. Terry Holbert says:

    this article is not entirely true.

    I have a friend that is employed by Health One and this is what I know.

    Colleagues are eligible to receive 70 percent of their pay for normal scheduled hours for up to seven weeks. Colleagues can also use PTO hours to supplement pandemic pay, up to 100 percent of base pay. medical and other benefits will continue during redeployment or while receiving pandemic pay. Colleagues who decline an opportunity to be redeployed will not be eligible to receive pandemic pay.

    so basically, if a Colleague decides to decline redeployment to keep his/her family safe from bringing home Covid-19, they will not be paid by Health One and will have to apply for unemployment insurance.

    I think its important for the general public to be aware of the fact that Health One is not necessarily taking care of each of their Colleagues on an individual basis.

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