By Kathy Walsh

ERIE, Colo. (CBS4) – Would-be parents who have been waiting months, perhaps years, will now have to wait out COVID 19 before trying to have a baby. All elective surgeries and procedures, including fertility treatments, have been suspended in Colorado during the coronavirus pandemic and prospective parents like the Halls in Erie are now on hold.

(credit: Hall family)

“She’s so fantastic … just love her so much,” said Eric Hall about daughter, Emery Ryelynne.

The 17-month-old is her parents’ miracle.

Eric and Angela married in 2016. They found out, soon after, they would need help conceiving.

“And decided to move forward with IVF,” said Angela.

After two cycles they had just two embryos. Emery was one.

(credit: Hall family)

The plan was to transfer the other frozen embryo on March 23, 2020.

“And then the coronavirus,” said Eric.

Angela explained that they asked themselves, “Is it worth the risk to our one remaining embryo?”

The Halls decided it wasn’t and canceled.

“We both cried many times on the day we made the decision,” said Angela.

A few days later all elective surgeries and non-emergency procedures were suspended by Gov. Jared Polis.

“Right now, we’re all under a lot of stress,” said Dr. Robert Greene, a fertility specialist at Conceptions Reproductive Associates.

(credit: Hall family)

He is the Halls’ doctor and believes, based on what we’ve seen in China

“I’m telling my patients to think late spring, early summer being more of an ideal time. We will get past this,” Greene said.

The Halls are now in limbo. They wonder if the delay will be costly, but they won’t give up.

“This is our last shot,” said Angela.

To have a son, a brother for Emery …

“Every time I look at that little baby girl I think we’ll make it through and it will be wonderful,” said Angela.

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