COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Residents in Colorado Springs are placing teddy bears in their windows to give children something to smile about during the coronavirus pandemic. This trend is inspired by a 1989 children’s book called “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.”

Some are participating because they want their neighbors who have been deemed “essential workers” to see some joy on their way out of their homes. Others say they decorated their windows so families taking walks and getting fresh air have a nice reminder that everyone is in this together.

(credit: CBS)

Parents walking or driving by can “hunt for bears” with their children and see how many they can find. And some of the teddy bears are accompanied by inspirational messages.

Michah Sutton said she spotted a few stuffed animals in windows on her morning run.

“Anything that brings people happiness and brings kids joy and keeps a positive attitude right now is a good thing — absolutely,” Sutton said.

People say this is a safe and fun way to share positivity while practicing social distancing and being under stay-at-home orders to stop the spread of coronavirus.


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