By Dillon Thomas

DENVER (CBS4) – After Gov. Jared Polis issued a stay-at-home order, staff with the Denver Center for the Performing Arts are now working to use their artistic talents to help the medical community. Costume designers like Meghan Doyle and Kevin Copenhaver are spending their time at home hand-crafting masks.

Meghan Doyle and Kevin Copenhaver

Meghan Doyle and Kevin Copenhaver (credit: CBS)

The masks are made out of old costume material from previous performances. Doyle told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas she hoped the handmade masks would be donated to those who have much-needed N95 masks. In turn, she hoped they would use the handmade masks, while donating the N95 masks to hospital workers.

“As we all know, there is a shortage (of N95 masks),” Copenhaver said. “One of the things we have been stressing is quality over quantity.”

(credit: Meghan Doyle)

“We’re creating a one-person assembly line of cutting and stitching,” Doyle said. “It takes me about 10 minutes to go from start to finish (per mask).”

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Copenhaver said the masks could also go to those waiting in hospitals to be seen, or even to first responders.

Doyle said the work done by the team of 10 was just one way the DCPA was trying to give back to the community while the arts are closed for coronavirus quarantine. Doyle added that by using unused costume material, it was fun to reminisce on what the materials were used for at the performing arts complex.

“Some of our fabrics have come from our costume shop. So, it is fun to kind of remember this was a dress from this show,” Doyle said. “That is kind of the nature of this business, moving from one project to the next.”

(credit: Meghan Doyle)

Those involved encouraged anyone at home with the means to participate consider also making masks. While the professionals can make the masks in under 10 minutes, Doyle believed even inexperienced Coloradans could sew together a mask in at least 20 minutes.

“With the skills that we have, we are actually doing some real good. We are contributing to society,” Copenhaver said.

Dillon Thomas


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