By Margaret DeMarco, CBSN Denver Producer

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone. And those with a chronic illness are working hard to limit their exposure to COVID-19.

Dr. Gregory Forlenza with the Barbara Davis Center For Childhood Diabetes says that the World Health Organization has listed death as a possibility for people with diabetes who get the virus.

Barbara Davis Center For Childhood Diabetes (credit: CBS)

“At this time we do not believe people with well controlled diabetes and people who do not have cardiovascular disease are at an increased risk,” Dr. Forlenze said.

Dr. Forlenza says that individuals with poorly controlled diabetes or older people with Type II Diabetes have a much greater risk.

This is why the Barbara Davis Center For Childhood Diabetes is taking steps to protect their patients. The center has moved all of their in-person follow up care to telemedicine.

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Dr. Forlenza says they have advised their patients to pay more attention to managing their care while being sick.

The Barbara Davis Center (credit CBS)

“We expect that someone with diabetes does develop COVID-19 that they will have an increased level of inflammation. Which will result in elevated blood sugars, requiring more frequent blood testing and likely more frequent insulin administration,” Dr. Forlenza said.

Though one of the biggest concerns for diabetes patients right now is their supply chain being interrupted.

Dr. Forlenza says the different diabetes organizations have been sending out daily updates and so far there have been no interruptions.

“For families that are now struggling financially, we have put some resources in to place. The Children’s Diabetes Foundation has been raising money to make sure people with diabetes can still get insulin even if they cannot afford it,” Dr. Forlenza said.

Dr. Forlenza says the most important thing for diabetes patients right now is making sure they have a healthy diet and they are taking the right amount of insulin that they need.

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