By Alan Gionet

(CBS4) – A hard working Colorado woman has gone from three incomes to none after she was let go from all three of her jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic. Taya Silva is among the tens of thousands of Coloradans who have filed for unemployment in recent days due to the widespread economic shutdown.

Taya Silva (credit: CBS)

Silva worked three jobs, putting in about 70 hours a week when the coronavirus outbreak hit the United States. She worked as a guest experience team member for the vacation rental company Sonder and also waited tables at La Loma downtown.

When she wasn’t at those two jobs, Silva also worked at a salon, where she was good friends with her boss. She told CBS4’s Alan Gionet the loss of income is not easy.

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“Working that many hours and having a consistent income and never having to worry about any money ever, I never had to worry about money and that’s why I chose to work so much so I didn’t have to worry, but what can you do, you know? I didn’t expect this to happen but, nothing really you can do about it but just try to be positive,” said Silva.

Colorado had more than 19,000 unemployment claims last week, a 737% increase from the previous week, the U.S. Labor Department said Thursday. Nationwide, nearly 3.3 million Americans applied for benefits last week, almost five times the previous record set in 1982.

The surge in claims temporarily jammed the application webpage at the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment this week. The department is now asking claim seekers to apply on different days of the week depending on the first letter of their last name to prevent the site from being overwhelmed.

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