By Michael Spencer

DENVER (CBS4)– Former Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl joined CBS4 sports anchor Michael Spencer on Monday for Xfinity Monday Live.

The pair talked about everything from how the coronavirus is affecting the world and sports to Karl’s new podcast “Truth + Basketball with George Karl.”

Former Denver Nuggets coach George Karl (credit: CBS)

In his most recent episode Karl states that, “I look at myself as I failed a little bit with (Carmelo Anthony), because I couldn’t get him to the greatness of his talents.”

Spencer asked Karl about those comments.

“The last year I coached him was the year after I got sick,” said Karl. “One of the commitments I made in coming back to coaching was that I wanted to try to motivate and direct ‘Melo. But then, a couple of days later, he announced he wanted to be traded. And that caused a lot of angst among players and coaches, but in the end what I said is what I believe. I wish I would have pushed his buttons better than I did.”

Karl also talked about the decision to trade Chauncey Billups from Denver to New York as part of the deal that sent Carmelo to the Knicks.

“It hurt. In the same sense, those things happen in our game,” said Karl. “It was a sad day for me, and I know Chauncey didn’t want to leave here.”

Michael Spencer